Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiesta Con Queso

There are just some days when cheese is all you want. And by "you" I mean those of you non-lactose intolerant people. This is the story of what happens when twitter, cheese and a good boyfriend all mix together.

I wrote yesterday that all I wanted for dinner was various forms of cheese. Chef, being loving and devoted as he is, read this and took it as his personal challenge to help me fulfill my all cheese dream. After much consideration, I had the following for dinner:

  • Freshly made cheese crisps (both cheddar, mozzarella and mixed)
  • Boursin Garlic & Herb with water crackers
  • Hot pretzel with Spray Cheese (I'm no cheese snob-all inclusive here)
  • Fondue (bought broccoli for dipping, but decided to eat the bread only)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • Cheesecake

We were going to order Papa John's cheese sticks, but after much debate I decided that six courses of cheese were enough to satiate me for a while. The drawback, however, is the incredible amount of chaos I have now done to my intestinal tract. Perhaps it will be all Activia and roughage all the time next week.

It was worth it though.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Most (but not all) of it off

My job is weird. Some days it's your everyday, 9 to 5 meetings, phone calls and emails type of gig. Other days it's working with fabulous volunteers who make you feel lucky to have contact with them. Yesterday it was a Burlesque car wash.

Groups do events with the proceeds going to us a lot. Some times the events are fun and some times they want to do more than just raise money. They want to help get the message out there. This was one such event. The group of ladies (called Music City Burlesque) does a car wash every month in the summer to raise money for different charities. They also do other events, but this was the one they asked me to.

It was a hoot. The girls were all super nice and very hard working. The crowd generated was a group that probably wouldn't have been touched by our cause in any other way. But aside from all that, it gave me a new respect for burlesque. There's a sense of body image that comes with performing that these ladies have in spades and I want.

They could care less if they weren't the best bodies in Nashville. They were just in touch with their sexuality. And it wasn't the kind of "in your face" sexuality that comes from a BritneySpears car exit either. It was a throwbackto the pin-up girl and fish net tights. High shoes at all times and long eyelashes. It truly made me want to get a little more in touch with my femininity in that way instead of that June Cleaver dresses and cardigans I normally sport.

I don't know if I'll be in a burlesque show any time soon, but I think it's got me intrigued.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's morning and I'm getting old

A few years ago, I made it my mission to stay up to midnight every night (or nearly every night) that I could for a year. I don't know why I made this a mission. Perhaps I thought it would inspire me to use the extra time to write more or get creative. I didn't have cable at the time and wasn't a big fan of late night TV, so I ended up spending a lot of time listening the garbled dial tones of my computer connecting to the internet.

Back then it was no big deal to be online until 1 a.m. and still be fresh for work at 8:30. Now I can't even make it past 10 p.m. on most nights without Patrick waking me up on the couch for snoring. What the hell happened to me?

No body told me that getting older would mean a lessened ability to bounce back after long nights. Of course, there is the freedom of staying up without having a curfew or a roommate who brings home a dude to have sex in the bunk above you. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Darkness comes after the 'Twilight'?

A few months back my friends (and there were several of you out there) persuaded me to give the 'Twilight' series a try. The aforementioned friends also got me to jump on the 'Harry Potter' bandwagon fairly early, so I was more apt to give their reading suggestions a whirl.

However, 'Twilight' is no 'Harry Potter.' It feels like it was written by a repressed Mormon. I can sense the danger in mentioning their touches, but this is 2009. Few dudes, Master Vampire or not, is going to take the chivalrous route to sex. I get that he comes from a much earlier time, but I'm still not buying what she's selling.

Aside from that, Bella is a pretty pathetic chick. She's ruled by a dude she met and fell madly in love with. She moves away from her mom and shows very little interest in her dad, other than wanting him alive and sparing him harm. Why didn't Meyer just kill the parents like most good kids books do? She's not necessarily strong or endearing and other than being the "new kid", I'm not sure anyone in Forks would've paid much attention to her. I'm not buying Edward's intrigue other than his inability to use his "powers" on her.

Look, I'm all for books that get people reading. Especially kids. So for that, I'm going to respect "Twilight." But while Harry Potter took me to a world where things were entirely different, Edward just falls flat. Instead of learning about Quidditch, we get...baseball? really!?!?! Also length is only NOT an issue if the story is constantly moving forward. Potter repeats itself a lot, but mostly following the format of repetition in kids' books. Twilight just feels like it's haphazardly put together and things made up at the end to pull the pieces together. Not interwoven into the plot.

And before people get pissed, I'll let you know that I'm into the third book. I keep trying to find that spark that makes me a fan, because I want to be if it's worthy, but I haven't yet. Perhaps book four? Until then, I'll just watch the Twilight movie. Shorter plot, less moony dialogue and Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory).


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