Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I didn't go to prom either but i'm not crying about it

Have you ever read something the sibling of a celebrity has reportedly said and just winced? Or how about when a celebrity tries to make themself seem more down to earth, but really it just makes you shake your head?

Angelina Jolie got two of those in one great package when her creepy ass brother, James Haven, reportedly told a tabloid that Angelina hasn't been eating because she was grieving over the death of her mother. He claims she's down to a svelte 109 on her 5'8" body.

Grieving sucks and that's not all that unrelatable. Who hasn't had someone close to them die? But its his next rant that really upped the creep factor. He then went on to try adn warrant some sympathy from the audience by talking about how much he hates his estranged dad, Jon Voight (owner of a French convertible?). He claims his dad was such a bastard because he and Angelina did not have cars while in high school.

Does anyone not pity this?

Haven claims he and Angelina's social growth was stunted because they didn't have cars. He didn't even go to prom because he was too embarrassed to have his parents drive him. However, this is my favorite line:
"Angie has been driven to be an independently wealthy woman now because we saw what it was like to be at the mercy of someone who controls the money and pulls the strings."

Hello?!?!? Isn't that called adolescence? Did any one out there control the money when they were a teenager? That only happens in cases where parents rip off their kid, or as I like to call it "Pulling a Culkin."
Now that we pity and sympathize with Angelina, is it wrong to bet on which country her next kid will come from?
I'm thinking she hasn't hit up South America yet. The next baby will be from Equador. Any other guesses out there in the "Where's the Next Jolie-Pitt Kid From?" game?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Is it almost April already?

So, I failed miserably in trying to update my blog three times a week for March. Its true. However, in my weak ass defense, I've had some work things going on that made me pull away from a lot of things. In fact, if I were to self-diagnose, I'd say that I was slightly depressed for the majority of March.

Chef has kept me sane though and done a remarkable job in cheering me up for the most part. So now I'm ready to be back in action. At least on the home front. The work front is an entirely different matter, but one that I can at least now face.

Yup. I'm just that caught up in myself that I've not really cared to comment on other people's lives. Don't worry. I'll get brutally vicious again soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Proud to Lose

Can you be proud of a team that loses in the NCAA tournament? I think you can. I'm proud because my beloved Hoosiers looked less like the teams of old and more like a team that has potential. They not only exceeded expectations this year, but when down by double digits with only 4 minutes left tonight against UCLA, they didn't give up. They actually believed they could win and with a minute left tied the score. Yes, it didn't end up a Hoosier victory, but the teams of old would have given up a lot earlier and made an embarrassingly lopsided exit from the tournament.

As you can tell, I've been sitting on my couch and watching basketball most of the day. Okay, all of the day. But, hell, its March. That's what I'm supposed to be doing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My favorite time of the year

I love March. The weather is warmer and more inviting. My busy season is starting to wrap up a little bit. And with all these excuses to get out and see people, mostly I just want to stay inside and watch basketball. I bought my new baby for the sole purpose of listening to all the tournament games. It's a grand time of year.

Other than that, its same shit different day. I'm still mega-stressing at work. Chef is still being wonderful about it. I'm still walking every day (although I should be walking MORE now.) I've done all that and I set my writing aside for a little while. I've only written a few pages this month and I'm set to pick it up again for the second half of the month, but I needed a break. I actually need a break from a lot of things. I've been going to bed about 2-3 hours after I get home every night and that leaves little time for Chef and I to snuggle up. Well, we aren't actually the snuggling type, but you know what I mean.

So today I came in early. Left on time. And now am dragging my butt home to walk, talk and be with Chef.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Day Off (Sort of)

Today I took the day off. Chef's spring break is this week and since he works weekends and we haven't had a day off together since my birthday, I cut out.

It wasn't that hard of a decision to cut out. I'm getting to the point of work being unbearable. We are once again without leadership in my particular office. Clients are upset and I've been getting phone calls about every other day with their grievances...literally. It's like Festivus and I'm hearing all the issues they have with us people.

Aside from that, my department seems to be in turmoil. We've had a lot of changes and it seems as if things will continue to get worse before they get better. There has always been at least one stable chain of command and now there seems to be none. No matter how many hours of walking I do a week, I can't seem to relax.

But today was better. Mostly because even if I had to check my email all day, I still wasn't actually in the office. Chef and I were lazy. Actually, not that lazy. We were out of bed at about 8 this morning. One of the things I wanted to get done this weekend was to install my new satellite radio receiver in my car. Chef graciously helped me do it so that I could run the wires from the antenna, which sits about 6 inches from the exact middle of the back windshield, to the middle of my front dash. His patience and diligence allow me to have the radio in my car with minimum wires showing. Honestly, it was one of those moments where you look at someone and are grateful for having them in your life not only for their company, but for their expertise.

Now I'm ready for the NCAA tournament.

My dad sent me money for my birthday and while normally extra money is put into our savings account or used on tuition, this time the money came after my tax return money. So, we've got savings and I've got an excuse to spend some dough on myself. Thanks, Dad and Robin!

Anyway, I've been eying satellite radio forever. Mostly because I live about 3 hours from even getting my teams on the TV feeds. So I chose Sirius. I can get my NFL team in the Fall and every game of the NCAA tournament. I even used a gift certificate to splurge on the boombox accessory. Now I'm jamming to my new two favorite stations: Big 80's and Hair Nation. Good times.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today I went A Courting

I had never been to traffic court or anything like that. The first time I was in a court room, I was called to be a witness to a check writing fraud scheme that had been caught. I'd been called as a cashier who took a check. . .two years before the court case. Luckily, I was never called to testify that day.

Today, I was not so lucky. Back in August, I was helping a delivery guy into our office when I noticed a dark green mini van trying to turn around in our narrow parking lot. It didn't do a very good job and ended up hitting one of our co-workers cars. I was standing less than 20 feet away and was so dumbfounded that the van didn't stop that I memorized the license plate number and then immediately wrote it down and then told my co-worker.

Apparently, the department of safety frowns heavily upon the hit and runs, so they were suspending the driver's license. Aside from the fact that she never paid our friend's deductible, etc.

So, we had to go to a hearing this morning to testify upon what we saw months ago. It was nerve-racking. The lady was indignant and claimed that she wasn't even in the area on that day. At first I felt sorry for her and wondered if it was her, but the longer she talked the more bullshit she spewed. Then it was basically the fact that her word was directly challenging my word and I knew that I was right. I mean, I didn't just come up with a license plate number that happened to match a green mini-van that just happened to be her car. By the end of the hearing, I was indignant. The person residing was allowed to deliver her decision by mail in the next 30 days. I'll let you know what happens.


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