Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ways to Appreciate Where I'm At More

The first way is to have to spend time in Birmingham, AL. For some reason my work always sends me to Birmingham. I've been there about 6 times and no one time stands out as particularly more fun than another. At this point, I'd rather visit Memphis than to hit Birmingham one more damn time.

I also never sleep well in the Big Birm. I'm thinking that I've gotten used to sleeping next to Chef and that I miss it when he's not there. He said he didn't sleep well either, but he's reluctant to give in to my theory.

I will, however, be driving through Birmingham in about week when Chef and I head back down to Florida. I'm so damn excited to be counting down the days until we leave. The only down side is that I know when we get back it'll be a long time before I go on vacation again.

On another note, is anyone else sick of the men's speedskaters "feud"? I'm so tired of hearing about the whining and bitching. The US only gives a shit about speedskating once every four years and these guys are going to use that time to air out personal grievances? Get over it.

Not only that, but men are shitty at feuding. Unless there's a tire iron involved somewhere, Nancy and Tanya did the catfighting better years ago. Leave the real rivalries to the ladies, you amateurs.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Need for Weeds

Chef and I spent the better part of Sunday lounging around and watching TV. Actually, we spent a good deal of time watching the computer. Eager to test the video capabilities of the new iPod, we downloaded my favorite episode of The Office ("Office Olympics"). Then Chef suggested downloading the Showtime show Weeds.

He'd heard good stuff about it and so we downloaded the first episode. The next day we watched it off of the computer and we were hooked. I haven't heard a lot about this show because I don't have Showtime, but it's one of the best things I've seen in a long time. In fact, if Showtime gets Arrested Development from Fox, I'll definitely become a subscriber just for those two shows.

Weeds follows a suburban white woman, Nancy, from her PTA-friendly Uber-white planned neighborhood as she deals pot to her neighbors. Nancy is forced to make ends meet after her husband dies suddenly of a heart attack and turns to dealing weed to keep up her lifestyle. My favorite dialogue from the first episode came from the first five minutes of the show. When Nancy goes to her supplier's house, she questions the weight of one of Heylia's bags and comes to this response:

Heylia: "Child, I could eyeball an ounce of weed from outer space with cracked glasses."

Conrad: "Don't mess with Heylia. She's the Rainman of weed."

Anyway, it's a good time. The music in the show is pretty bitchin' too. Check it out on iTunes. We bought the whole season and it was the best money we've spent in a while.

On another note, what does say it about me that I watched an episode of 30 Days about binge drinking and thought the whole time "Man, a cocktail does sound good right now." I cracked open some wine about 5 minutes after the credits rolled.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Olympics Ratings Jugger-Not

Am I the only one that's not entirely impressed with the Olympic coverage this year? I'm totally underwhelmed. None of the stories are really compelling me to watch when I can just log onto msn and spend 10 minutes reading a recap. Of course, this will probably change when Women's figure skating takes center stage, but that's still some days away.

First of all, snowboarding to me is like watching NASCAR or the X games: unless there's a huge crash, I don't want to sit through it. I've never skiied, luged or skeletoned in my life. Curling is reserved for my hair and if I can't even go backwards on skates, I highly doubt that I can work up any speed.

At least in summer sports, it's stuff that nearly everyone has or can do. Running, playing baseball or softball, basketball, table tennis, tennis. Normal sports. There's not much more of snowcross I can take.

I got my ipod yesterday and I've been rocking away since. I'm now spending the last of my friday afternoon figuring out what songs that I want to download this weekend and fill this badboy up. Song suggestions are always welcome. Unless they suck.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Two Things I Noticed AFTER I Got To Work

There are days when I'm in such a rush that I don't notice things that most people would. Like that I'm wearing a dark bra with a shirt that's not dark enough to conceal it. Or that my shoes were actually dark brown and not the black I thought they were.

Today there were two things that slipped my notice:
  1. The underwear that I had chosen did not have sufficient elastic. In fact, their comfort was only because they had relatively no elastic. So by the time I had waddled out of the gas station, I was bending slightly at the waist to ensure they wouldn't head south before I hit the car.
  2. My accessories choices made me look like a sparkly Avril Lavigne. I had a black skirt, purple top and black boots on, but I thought that my purple sequined scarf, big obnoxious purple "jewel" bracelet and black "power bead" bracelet would be a good combination. Instead, they added up to me looking like a pseudo-corporate punk rocker. If only I still had on my dark purple nail polish to complete the look.

I let my boss know today that just as I got back from vacation, I'm leaving again. Chef's spring break is in two weeks and we're already getting ready to go back to Florida. Not so much for the binge-drinking party all night Spring Break-a-palooza as much because it's not here. This kind of attitude cannot be good in the long run for our state of mind. Perhaps it's time for a relocation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Married and Proud to Be Americans

I chuckle to myself when I say "all the snow." Where I'm at that usually means 1/2" or less. The newspaper around here ran a picture of kids playing in the mud outside that read "A Snow Day without The Snow."

Nonetheless Chef and I left it all behind us for the sunny shores of Florida. We had such a fabulous time that we started planning our return trip before we even left. So, we're almost certainly going back for Chef's spring break.

We drove A LOT in a little amount of time, but our time together was fabulous. It put everything in perspective. This trip was living. The rest of the things we'd been doing were not our real life. I just realized how stressed out I've been getting for no good reason. Getting away and reprioritizing did me some good.

My cousin Doug and his new bride Erin had a great wedding, but one of the oddest interludes that I'd ever witnessed. The DJ seemed like a nice enough guy, but one that needed to be the center of attention at all times. He was a biker buddy of the Erin's dad and liked to use the microphone more than an announcer at Shoe Carnival.

Before we knew what was happening, this guy had asked us all to get in a circle and join hands. Expecting some form of the chicken dance (the conga had already happened), I was reluctant. However, soon enough the words "Show that we're proud to be Americans" came out of his mouth and when I looked to my right, Chef had bolted.

That's right. We all stood there swaying with Doug and Erin looking incredibly uncomfortable while the DJ sang along to Lee Greenwood. I've never seen anything like it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho To Florida I Go

Today the weather turned cold and wet. The sunny morning gave way to a craptastically gray afternoon and now the nastiness is in full throttle which only means one thing: TIME TO GET OUT OF TOWN!!

I am so excited to be getting the hell out of here. And to a warmer place. Even if it rains, it won't be 30 degrees and it won't be here. Plus just being in a climate the can successfully grow palm trees instantly makes me feel better.

We don't get snow, so I can't bitch too much. However, in my travels, I'll be missing two of the worst events in our office so it's a double bonus.

Miss me!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Reason for the Skin Reminders

Today I was sitting in on a conference call with several co-workers when I noticed that one of them had skin that reminded me of my mother. This lady had no resemblance to my mother at all. She has reddish hair, she's tall and she has a nose ring that would've made my mom cringe. But for some reason today the skin around her neck reminded me of mom.

There was a cluster of freckles and a tanned patch that reminded me of my mom's skin when I was younger. When our house had a pool and mom spent a good amount of time out in the sun watching us kids as we begged for attention while attempting a jack knife or cannonball. She'd always patiently look up from what she was doing (usually attending to the landscaping) and smile and clap no matter how badly our dive went.

I used to stare at that patch of skin at night when she'd rock me in our recliner. I'd sit and stare at her freckles, sometimes connecting the freckles with imaginary lines, and watch the oven clock slowly turn away the minutes. Every morning I'd wake up in my bed and wonder how I got there.

It didn't strike me as particularly weird for being reminded about some aspect of my mother. I've seen people in passing and thought "Wow! That woman walks like my mom" or even seen a guy who eerily reminded me of my grandfather.

What was odd was that I saw another woman this afternoon whose skin also reminded me of mom's, although at a totally different time in her life. The woman had a taut, almost yellow face with circles under her eyes and a chill went through me. I couldn't look away.

It's weird that after all these years, I can be living my life and get a physical reminder of her. Now I'm trying if there is a reason for the sightings or if I'm trying to find the reason in them.

On another note, my hair smells like chicken. I ate chicken at lunch and it squirted into my hair, which was lying on my boob shelf. Although I was happy that my shirt was spared the majority of the attack, it left me smelly for the rest of the day. In fact, even though I put my hair up in a pony tail, the smell of chicken still haunts me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm Just Glad It's Over

Have you ever had one of those days that end with nothing but smiles and laughter for the mere fact IT'S OVER?!?!?!

Today has been so long, eventful and unexpected that it was done with I was extremely happt I hadn't really scheduled anything. It was like I knew in the corner of my mind things were going to go wrong.

Before noon, I had done three radio interviews for an event, taken the heat for something that wasn't my fault for the company to save face, gone 50 miles round trip to drop the last of something off only to find out on my way back that another bigger company needed what I had just given away, spent an hour on the phone calling lighting companies to see if they had the item in stock in the quantity that I needed and then planning on making 5 afternoon trips around town to pick up the items and drop them off.

That was just in the morning. I am just glad that day is over. What made the day easier to bear? Hearing my inner voice shout "I'm getting an ipod" when something crappy happened. I did my taxes and am able to get the precious with my refund check.

Only four more office days until the Florida wedding trip. Did I mention that I'm meeting Chef's family for the first time too?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kafka the Rock Opera

There's nothing like getting really busy and knowing that you'll be on vacation soon. That during a time of year YOU KNOW will be excrutiatingly busy there is an uncontrollable family obligation (ie a cousin's wedding) that you must attend. I'm so glad to be missing some of the fun that I don't mind the longer hours and extra work and running my ass off now.

Not only that, but the wedding is in Florida. Warm weather, not in a state I've been to in a while and with a kick ass group. I'm looking forward to it already. Plus I added an extra day to ensure that I'll be recovered before heading back. Oh the joys!!

Right now I'm juggling three events, an office fundraiser that I'm in charge of plus a looming press conference at the end of the month. It's crazy.

On another note, Chef has introduced another program into my life that was missing before: Home Movies. It's an animated show on Adult Swim that apparently ran back in 1999 about these little kids that make home movies. Perhaps the funniest was the one where one of the kids made Kafka: The Rock Opera. My favorite song is "Being a Bug Ain't Easy" and goes a little something like this:

Being a Bug Ain't Easy
All My Old Clothes Don't Fit Me

I've got tiny bug feet
I don't know what bugs eat

Afraid of everyone steppin' on me
Now I'm sympathizin' with Fleas

Being a Bug Ain't Easy

Pure comic genius. My favorite new tune.


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