Friday, December 19, 2008

What I would Rather Be Doing Today

I'm sitting here for the last 10 minutes of work with about 40 minutes of actual work to finish and instead of getting a crack at it or even caring, I've decided to blog and then leave the 40 minutes for me to do when I get back in January. That's right. January.

Today was a day when I labored through the "important" deadline driven items to make it to the holiday potluck (I made the aforementioned Parmesan Herb Bread). Then I came back in, got on a conference call, did work, met with a volunteer for an hour and tried to get the last three items on my TO DO list done before 5. I got the last two done and realized it was decision time. Be late getting home and finish up or write this blog. I think the decision is clear.

Here are things that I would've rather been doing than working today:
  • sleeping in with Chef and the three cats--okay let's be honest, nearly anything involving Chef and the cats
  • watching reruns of 90210 and The OC on Soapnet
  • Shopping for Christmas presents as I only have one bought right now
  • reading reading reading
  • eating Parmesan Herb bread (which I'm doing now anyway)
  • talking with my friends

Well, it's 5 p.m. now so I'm heading out. Wooo hooo for holidays!!

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