Friday, November 20, 2009

Bacon Sounded Better In Theory

I'm a big fan of bacon. There are few food items that are non-carb that I love more. Perhaps avocado. If a sandwich has bacon and avocado on it, watch out. Much like the creators of BaconSalt, I see few flaws in slabs of pork fat. I'll even dig into the turkey version.

However, last night after my first cocktail at The Patterson House, I dug into a Bacon Old fashioned. It was a ballsy move to order a bacon-infused whiskey with some maple and pecan flavored bitters, but I went for it. It was better in theory and kitsch than in actual practice. The initial gulp was pure smoky bacon--which is better chewed than swallowed. The aftertaste was sweeter than the first pull, so it was actually better the more time after the swallow you allowed.

I post these as a warning to my other bacon loving friends, including Wendee who is like me so much so that I know it she wasn't preggers right now she'd have ordered a bacon cocktail too. I will say, though, that if you're in Nashville, The Patterson House is a pretty cool place. Exclusively a cocktail bar, they serve freshly mixed drinks with homemade syrups, bitter and other concoctions. My first drink, the Dark & Stormy, was super delicious and potent with fresh made ginger syrup. I plan on going back with Chef and then Greg again and then taking some of my cocktail loving friends and family when they come in town.

Okay, enough midday procrastination. It's back to moving my office again. . .

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