Tuesday, July 10, 2012

He's the Romantic One

My handmade "paper" gift

I always knew that my husband was the more romantic one of our couple, but he really displayed this again this weekend for our first marriage anniversary. I add "marriage" because we've been together much longer than one year and I feel like we should get back credit for our seven previous years of co-habitation.

But anyway, being that the first anniversary is paper, my husband decided to give me a book. As a book lover, this was a safe bet. However, he went above and beyond just getting me a bestseller. He researched how to make his own book--including binding it. Then he went to a special art store and to a fabric store to get supplies and learn more from the experts (For those Project Runway lovers out there--including me--he went to the LA Mood store-- Thanks, Mood!). He handmade me the book pictured that he then said we'd fill up with our story.

Our Banana Tart
I cried.

Needless to say I was overwhelmed. He truly is awesome. It even outdid the pre-order of Ruth's Chris Banana tart (it's only available at SOME outlets and not the one we go to so you have to ask for it in advance to get it). It was also delicious.

Here's to a lifetime more of wonderful anniversaries and every days with my wonderfully romantic husband.

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