Monday, March 11, 2013

Sometimes it pays to be a geek....

Yesterday I watched my beloved Hoosiers, but the experience was a little bit different than normal. Not because the Hoosiers won their first outright Big 10 championship in 20 years (although that was awesome), but because I got a lesson on perseverance.

I was watching the game behind real time on my DVR, which is not something I love doing, but considering my west coast time zone I am forced to do a lot. In this case, I was doing it to watch the SNL with Justin Timberlake with Chef. Anyway, as I was watching the middle of the first half of the game, I knew it was starting the second half. Considering the Hoosiers were down by 11, I wanted a sneak peek as to whether I was going to be happy or upset at the turn of events.

They started to make it close and by the start of the second half, I was addicted to sneaking peeks at the score on my Yahoo! sports app. I should've known better. I was reloading the score furiously and when I still had about 10 minutes of game time to watch, I saw the final that Yahoo! sports app had posted:

Michigan 70, Indiana 66. "End of 2nd"

I was crushed. But I knew that I wanted to watch the end anyway and see what happened. So I kept watching the game and then with about 3 minutes left, the Hoosiers hit the 66 point mark. I figured "Well, if they can't score in the last 3 minutes of a game, no wonder they lost."

Then with about a minute left, Michigan hit a free throw (their made one of the game) and the score was 71-66. Hmm, I thought. That's weird.  Then the Hoosiers scored: 71-68. Now I was convinced that the Hoosiers were still going to lose, but there was a slight hope that the Internet was wrong. I mean, when was the last time that the Internet has been wrong?

Imagine my excitement when this happened:

I'm glad that I watched until the end.

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