Friday, December 06, 2013

It's Not Really Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As my family gets pounded by snow today, I am searching for the Christmas spirit. I think I'm still relishing the post-Thanksgiving of it all. That week between Thanksgiving and December was non-existent this year so I haven't had time to physically or mentally adjust. Although for its part, LA is trying to get me in the mood. I've been to two hotels this week that were both decorated to the nines for the holiday and the weather was LA cold this morning (a brisk 42 when I woke up and only hit a high of 59).

So, to continue my tradition, I will embark on my third annual Holiday Spirit Quest. The list will be shorter this year because of the lack of time. I will keep it to a dirty dozen items--the twelve days of my Christmas, so to speak.

The guidelines are the same. To do things that have traditionally made me think of Christmas. I can repeat items from previous years' list but I have to add new things too.

Here goes:

  1. Make a Christmas list for Santa (or Chef...or both).
  2. Give a gift to someone who isn't expecting it.
  3. Make homemade sugar cookies.
  4. Listen to Christmas music for a week of commutes.
  5. Actually go to the mall or shopping complex to buy a gift. 
  6. Put up my Christmas decorations, sparse that they may be. 
  7. Have the cats sporting their holiday ties at least once during the season. 
  8. Watch at least one NEW cheesy holiday made-for-TV movie. 
  9. Stuff a stocking (or two).
  10. Have all my presents bought a week before Christmas. 
  11. Drink a holiday-inspired coffee drink. 
  12. Give to a new charity. 
What would you add?

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