Monday, December 16, 2013

The Holiday Spirit Quest Continues

I've slowly but surely been making my way through the list of things to get me into the holiday spirit. Some of them got me into the spirit, but that spirit was "why the holidays can be stressful." I guess you can't enjoy the highs of the holidays without some lows. But I digress.

In an effort to capture my smaller list and to hit one of my personal goals of hitting 100 blog posts this year, I'm going to break my spirit quest up even more!

Today's quest item is #1 Make a list of for Santa (and Chef).

I'm a big believer in telling people what I want. If not in every day life, at least at Christmas. I love the concept of the wedding registry. It might be because I never actually had one, but the idea of letting people know what you like and the items you want seems like a sensible way to do things.

In that spirit, I always make a list for Santa. This year, I used Pinterest, but there are some things you just can pin (here it is). So here is my list. This is not to insinuate that I want you to get me anything. That's just rude. This is just to help those who are getting me something.

And as a bonus, my birthday is only a month away, too.

  1. A literary agent (this girl's getting close to selling her book)
  2. An understanding editor who sees potential in my manuscript
  3. An Apple Macbook Pro (13" or 15" with retina display)-- I'm tired of burning my legs off with my current computer. That may be why I'm writing everything long hand. That and I love buying notebooks.
  4. To hang out with my niece and nephew for a few days that aren't holidays
  5. A Large 15" green satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company 
  6. A variety of kitchy things from modcloth
  7. More time with my hubby
  8. A variety of lovely shoes from Sole Society
  9. A new blender (although I'm not thrilled about giving up a blender from 1970 that still works)
  10. A new women's XL Andrew Luck Colts jersey
  11. A Colts bucking bronco vintage t-shirt in women's XL 
  12. Gift cards from:
    1. Amazon
    2. Sephora
    3. Ruth's Chris
    4. Arclight Hollywood Cinemas 
    5. Sole Society
    6. Target
    7. Bauble bar

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