Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Bowl Break down

Woo hoo! The Colts are Super Bowl Champs. I'm excited and that's all there is to say about that.

The Super Bowl as a whole, however, there are lots of things to comment on. First is the pre-game show. Not so much the talking heads spouting off at everything. I don't mind them (except for the lisp-y Shannon Sharpe). I do, however, wonder what the hell the NFL was thinking to put Cirque de Soleil on. Does any football fan really need to see tye-died lizard men jumping off of swings with their teams logo across their chest? How about a perpetually smiling kid with his face made up to look like a creepy rag doll bouncing up and down with giant balloons strapped to him? People holding gian butterflies? No? None of that appeals to you? Me neither. Cut the crappy ass pre-game show of at least that theatrical performance. Or if you must have one, at least make it a really cool marching band. Football and marching bands go together.

Other than that the Super Bowl was pretty enjoyable. Prince was as good as a half time show really can be and the game wasn't a blow out in the first half. Can you ask for anything more, at least if you're not a Bears fan?

On another note, I am getting sick. I can feel it in my scratchy throat and lithargic manner. I came into work early this morning and am leaving a little early this afternoon. After a very short walk today (have to keep the streak going) and perhaps a warm bath, I'll be sleeping until my heart is content. I can barely stay awake now. This isn't good.

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