Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Words: Don't Be Lazy

I will not be like the cats. 
I'm trying this new thing where I shame myself out of my laziness. Okay, it's not really new, but just a recycled idea that I pull out when I think I'm lazy. And when my jeans are tight. 

Why is it that I suddenly feel outrageously fat? In reality, I'm only 4 lbs heavier than a few weeks ago, and the reason is simple: I've eaten too much and slacked on exercising. It's not brain surgery. I can figure it out. But just 4 lbs is enough to send me over the edge. 

Well, 4 lbs and a traffic ticket that was supposed to be a quick fix and turns out, not so much. I took too long searching for my proof of insurance and the cop had written the ticket when I produced my card. "Just show them your proof of insurance and you'll be good." He told me. By "them" I thought he meant the Sheriff's department, as in "this is a correctable violation." Instead he meant the court, which means I have to take yet another trip and deal with this for being 30 seconds too late with my card. Argh.

But using my new mantra, I will continue to get up early and exercise. I will eat and drink healthily to keep my current streak of two meals (yes, two meals IN A ROW, impressive, right?) going. I will write every day, as I have done. I will forgo the TV as a default and get my books read and written. I will actually cook meals instead of just throwing them together. 

I will stop taking the easy way out. I won't be lazy.

Let's see how long this lasts. . . .

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