Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My Wednesday Off

Maggie and Matthew with Chef and Me.

Chef's grandparents ("granddad and Maggie") came into town today while on a West Coast cruise and they were nice enough to hitch a ride from port to the Farmer's Market with more family, Art and Lorna, to have lunch with us. The invite alone was enough of a reason for me to take the day off, so that's what it is.

It's a rarity to have a day off in LA on a weekday, and so I decided to take full advantage, in my weird way. I got up earlier than I do on work days, worked out, and headed to traffic court. I got there almost as soon as they opened to make absolutely positively sure that my ticket was dismissed (and it is now, but it was a good thing that I went down there). I then went to the grocery store, and just had time to unload before a very lovely lunch with the Loars. It's always great to catch up and I love hearing stories about what Chef was like as a kid. I don't get those enough :)

After that, we went to get some lovely orchids, because, well, why not? I found this one that looked like it
had painted leaves. I didn't see any other like it and so it had to be mine. Now to not kill it. . .

A wonderful, relaxing day off. Now back to work for two more days.

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