Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Feel Pretty....At least on the surface

You know that adult acne has reared its ugly head when your husband sees a picture of you in college and says "Man, your skin was good." 

The cystic blemishes and knowing that my period was going to bring about more visitors than just Aunt Flo really sucked. But I have to say that it took me to this moment: appreciating my current (fingers crossed) blemish-free face. 

I am able to put my makeup on every day only worrying about covering up any dark circles under my eyes (thanks, genetics) or not sweating off my foundation before I head out the door. The second has been a real problem lately. My bathroom isn't that steamy, but I seem to develop a tiny tan Hitler mustache on my upper lip right before I trot out the door. I spent most of my drive to work (at least the stoplights) trying to blend it back into my foundation and blasting air conditioning straight onto my face. 

But I digress, the face is looking good. Notice I didn't necessarily say that my skin is clear. But I feel like my everyday makeup is gliding on (and most is staying on and not sliding off with my morning sweat) and doing its job. And instead of wondering when this streak will end, I will appreciate this stretch--however short it might end up being. 

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