Tuesday, August 06, 2013

So I Almost Got into a Fight Over 12 Cents

My injury
Last weekend I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and had an incident that had my adrenaline going hardcore. I pulled into the checkout right behind a woman who left her cart with a few items still in it blocking me. She saw me looking at her and said "I might not get those items. I'm on a budget."

I told her that I understood, but could she please move her cart forward so that I could unload my items. She gave me a look but then obliged my request. She told the cashier that she only had $13. The bill, even with the items she put aside, was $15.15. She pulled an item out and it came out to $13.88. I knew that this was going to be one of those awkward situations so I stayed back as to not get up in the woman's mix. She proceeded to put the bill on one credit card and two gift cards. She was still 88 cents short, so she fished a dollar out and paid for the rest of her bill. She packed up and moved on.

She had left and my items were being rung up. I was almost complete when she charged back in.

"Where's my change?" she demanded to the cashier. The cashier explained that she believed the woman took her change from the automatic change dispenser. The lady was adamant that she hadn't. That's when things shifted to me.

"Did you take my change?" she said to me.

I said no, I hadn't. However, she did not seem to believe. At this point, she kept saying that I took her change and then insisted that if I took her money, she would take mine. Then she reached for my hand that was clutching my debit card as I was getting ready to pay. It happened quickly and I was able to push her back. That's when security intervened.

The long of the short of it is was that the woman HAD taken her change and it was in her purse. But I had to put up with her all because of 12 cents.

Plus I suffered a broken nail. Even grocery shopping can be entertaining!

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