Sunday, July 11, 2010

Four Hours of Interrupted Sleep

I went to bed at the normal time of night last night. Laid there watching TV ("Million Dollar Baby" one of the best and most depressing movies around), and then made a deep concerted effort to roll over and go to sleep after two hours of watching TV. I went to sleep for 20 minutes, woke up and tried to go back to sleep. Did all the tricks. Relaxation. Meditation, clearing of the mind. All of it. None of it worked.

So I crawled out of bed and watched two more movies on the couch before Chef got up at 4 a.m. for work. I got back into bed (had the bed to myself--well, mostly. Some of the cats snuggled up with me.) I was up and down for about 4 hours. So all in all, I ended up getting about 4 hours of crappy sleep. And it took three frosty caffeinated beverages before I could start on the work that I needed to do. Nothing says professionalism like an error-filled presentation fueled from sleep-deprivation.

Oddly enough running on empty is a lot like being a little tipsy. I'm not nearly as sharp and it takes twice as long to do things. Fun! I'd try and take a nap, but I know that'd just screw me up for tonight. I hate having sleep problems, but especially when I'm not stressing out about anything in particular. I expeted it when I've got troubles, but it sneaks up on me when I'm okay.

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