Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe I'm Not So Interested in Amsterdam

Chef got us a series from a foreign TV station that highlights the nights of Amsterdam. It's not really dirty. Mostly just a matter of fact account of the business of sex--windows in the red light district, online escorts and on-stage sex acts. Without seeing anything, of course, but it's fascinating to see the interviews of the couple that perform 5 live sex shows together 6 nights a week. That just seems exhausting. The way they describe what they do is not at all romantic-clearly.

And clearly the government has their hands in things. There are taxes on the prostitutes and the windows. They also provide extra police to patrol the area--which averages 40 arrests a night. The two patrolman have a good sense of humor. They seem to be often intervening between sex worker and client. It has to be a little bizarre.

The whole show is a little weird, very interesting, not at all sexy and totally putting me off on visiting Amsterdam, although I'm sure it's very little. It just seems surreal.

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