Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mistakes I've Made This Week

While the mistakes I've made this week are numerous and probably a little long to list, I thought I'd take a stab at it while enduring my latest mistake. Here goes:
  • Planning on making lasagna on Boot Camp night. I didn't get home until 6:30 and after a shower and prep work PLUS the time it takes to cook the lasagna. It's looking like it's gonna be nearly 9 p.m. before we eat.
  • That leads to another mistake: not getting my morning or afternoon snacks. I was "too busy" and didn't eat lunch until 1:30, but that's not nearly late enough to sustain me until the lasagna's ready.
  • Not getting a limoncello at Sole Mio on Tuesday when we were saying goodbye to Sue & Walt from writers group.
  • Not picking up on the signals from a customer that I was getting the "I'm gonna pass you off because I don't want to directly tell you no."
  • Daily freak outs over the amount of work that I have to do. It's a constant. The only thing I can do is change my approach to how I see it.
  • Being too transparent and not transparent enough.
  • The second glass of wine at the baby shower--mostly for caloric reasons--and also because I get to be a smart ass as well.
So, not a bad list. I'm a little concerned that two of my mistakes included liquor, but that's a random week and not a common occurrence.

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