Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Thought for 2010

Well, probably more than one thought. But it is in there under the wire. Technically it's 1 a.m. on the east coast and after midnight in my old time zone. But it's only 10 here, so I'm under deadline.

2010 wasn't too bad of a year. It started out hectic and the first six months were trying, but the next six months were a whirlwind of change, excitement and adventure. After years of inertia, I made the move. And while only time will tell how successful it turns out to be, I know that I'll never regret moving but I would've eternally regretted NOT moving.

So as 2011 approaches, I look at where I am today and I think "where do I want to be next year?" and then I work backwards to see what it's gonna take to get there. Looking at where I want to be, here are some ways that I'm going to get there (aka my resolutions):
  • I will watch what I eat and track it at least 6 days a week.
  • I will exercise and work exercise into my daily habits in some form or another.
  • I will do work I truly love.
  • I will blog at least 3 times a week.
  • I will write for at least an hour a week.
So, let's hope those work! Happy New Year's everyone!

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