Friday, December 03, 2010

Things I Love/ Hate About LA. . .so far

1) Buying wine and liquor in the grocery store.
2) The weather- 72 and sunny on December 1 and 2.
3) There are literally 6 local restaurants in the block around our apartment, and many many more in a 1-mile radius.
4) Our place looks fabulous, or is getting there.
5) There's a HUGELY wide range of ethnic foods, all out our door. Oh, and a huge range of people behind those ethnicities. (aka Diversity)
6) Our complex is nice, well-lit, great laundry and has a vending machine for those late night peanut M&M cravings. The vegetation around the complex is ridiculously nice and well-maintained.
7) You can get just about anything or do just about anything 24 hours a day.

1) There was a crazy man screaming weird things on the sidewalk 50 feet from our window. (the flip side to diversity)
2) Yes, traffic. Fine. We hit a 90 minute fatal traffic accident that closed three lanes on our first morning. However, thanks to Garmin, we were able to cut about 60 minutes off the normal 90 minute back-up.
3) Laker fans. I'm going to be a Clipper fan out of spite. Plus I kinda like Blake Griffin and of course, Eric Gordon ---the former Hoosier, plays on the Clippers.
4) The lack of sports talk radio about something outside the Lakers. Seriously, LA sports fans, NBA basketball is about the worst sports product out there. I already feel a sense of sports knowledge superiority here.

Okay, that's enough for tonight. More the longer we are here, I'm sure.

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Nicole said...

I am totally reading this one to Yasser!


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