Monday, February 13, 2012

Wait. What?!? Who was interviewing who?

Would've liked a little more
of this.
Last night Chef and I went to see Jane Lynch interview Amy Poehler for this series called Live Talks LA which raises money for charity and has celebrities interviewing each other (among other things). We've been to three now and they've all been fun and different in their own way. Last night had some good potential, but one thing got in the way: Jane Lynch.

Don't get me wrong. I love Jane Lynch.But her role last night was SUPPOSED to be the interviewer--not the subject. She had JUST been the subject when Adam Scott from Parks & Rec interviewed her for the series in October, so she had her time. But last night the hour was eaten away not with funny anecdotes of Amy's career, but some Jane Lynch anecdotes. I think she asked like three questions.

I know it's free flowing and the one reason people like doing them is that isn't not that much pressure, but I did actually want to hear what Amy had to say, and it was a little disappointing. However, here are my highlights from the event or the moments surrounding it:

  • While waiting to get in, listening to the group of students in line ahead of us talk about their art as suffering writers. "I mean, if you can't turn your assignment in on time for a professor, how can you turn your assigned work in on time for a show?". I may be wrong, but I don't think show writers get assigned stuff to turn in, but that could just be me.
  • Listening to two of the aforementioned students try and convince the third to be a guest on their podcast entitled "Homeo and Juliet."
  • Listening to the two old ladies behind me talk about knitting centerpieces--at which point I went back to eaves dropping on the students again.
  • Hearing Jane Lynch say "Never heard of him" after the emcee announced an upcoming author who was a part of the series. She didn't realize her mic was hot. 
  • Having a guy in line behind me at the concession stand ask three times "Are they going to do improv?" (To which I'd answer: "No, dude. This is an interview. They just talk.") Before he tapped me again, the dude in front of me turned around and said "Buddy, check out her finger. She's married. Give it up." I was then able to purchase my Coke Zero without any further bothering.
  • Spending time with Chef. 

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