Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Failure or New Opportunity?

Birthday cupcakes (not all 6 but still)
definitely played into my downfall!
I hate failing. In fact, someone once said they thought I had a fear of it. Maybe I do, I'm not sure, but whether I fear it or not, I've certainly done my fair share. The latest failure: January's goals. Not all of them, but certainly my weight loss experiment with The Firm Express.

I have done every workout in the series. I did not, however, do them in the correct order or 3 times a week. I also blew off my diet for a few weeks. Argh. At one point, I had lost 7 pounds during the month due to the exercise and since put about half of it back on. That's what I get for indulging in birthday, Superbowl and Valentine's day celebrations. And mostly just not paying attention to what I was eating well enough.

I heard a stat once that said it took the average person six attempts to quit smoking. I think that number is probably double or triple for lifestyle changes. So instead of wallowing in misery or failure, I'm going to try again. And maybe this time I'll start wearing incredibly tight pants and belts to make myself uncomfortable enough to stop putting food in my face.

This week:

  • Days per month that I worked on my novel: 15/15 (not sucking on this one!)
  • Calories burned per week: 1550 (a pound is 3500)
  • Weight loss/gain since last posted result: +3 lb.
  • Cumulative loss/ gain: -3 lbs.

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