Monday, April 02, 2012

Mad about 'Mad Men'

Am I the only one who's wondering if this season of Mad Men has been worth the wait? I know we're only two episodes into the season, but I'm not digging it thus far. First there's the creepy song/ dance number with the "cleaning in my undies like all normal people do" by the new Mrs. Draper and this time there's a horrible "poor Fat Betty who almost had cancer" story line. Could these women be any worse?

What makes a good drama? Um, some drama for starters. Seeing Betty feel sorry for herself: first because she's fat and then because she DIDN'T have cancer, was just plain sad. And how bad is it that the lady who actually did have cancer in the plot had to console bitch-ass Betty.  Really? I wonder if this wasn't just thrown in there because January Jones (who I cannot stand) was preggers and they needed to work that in. For the record, it's quite obvious that January Jones knew these episodes were coming up because she's been purposefully parading around LA in the tightest clothes known to man. It's from her new "I'm not pregnant or fat and I'm gonna flaunt it" line.

And after years of hearing "dumb women" jokes, we now get to heard "dumb black women" jokes. That's a real improvement. I realize this is supposed to be a time capsule of the era, and maybe I'm completely wrong, but do we need to be reminded every time someone enters the door that Don's new secretary is black? How many more episodes before the novelty wears off?

Am I wrong in remembering old episodes as so much better. Filled with drama and resentment and hostility. Maybe it was just a better show when Don was a philanderer. Although it is nice to hear people talk about him being handsome this season. They never seemed to have said so before.

I think Matt Weiner needs either some additional time off, or some help. Are you loving Mad Men more than I am this season?

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