Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Here are some miscellaneous things that have popped into my head today:

Despite the placement of
the wooden stake, I'm
pretty positive that I
would've been impaled if
I had slammed into this. 
  • Why can't I ever remember what biannual or biweekly really means? Is it every other week or twice a week? 
  • While I generally think of being impaled by deer antlers as a fear, really it's just anything that could impale me while driving. (I stayed behind this pick-up for all of two seconds when it pulled in front of me today. Better safe than sorry).
  • Why can't I seem to concentrate for longer than 15 minutes at a time? This has only started happening recently. How long does one have to watch Michael Bay movies before their attention span is shot to hell?
  • Is Kim Kardarshian really just J.Lo 2.0?
  • When will saying "2.0" finally fall out of fashion?
  • Why does everyone think they can wear skinny jeans? Conversely, I know I look good in mine. And am slightly delusional.
  • My cats fur has become silky soft after just a few days of changing diet, but my hair doesn't react when I change mine. That doesn't seem fair. 
  • I make a mental note at least three times a day to turn off the "autocorrect" on my phone. I instantly forget said note at least three times a day about a minute after I think of it. 
  • Why is it that comedians are always assholes in real life? 
  • Should I buy a sodastream or is it a waste of money? Do any of my friends have one that I could rent for a week to see if I would use it?

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