Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can I finally be petite?

Petite. My mom told me I was petite when I was in high school. Well, kind of. She said something like "You're technically petite because you're short, but not really."

The "not really" came into play because I was fat. And while short and fat are good qualities for a fire hydrant, they are less than desirable for a teenage girl. Or rather any human, unless you have recently been cast as an Ewok.

So, I bought lots of mini-skirts because they were actually normal skirts on me and looking into finding the right tailor to hem my pants. I say right tailor because in middle school my mother sent my jeans to a family member and they came back looking odd. Not the type of thing to make you NOT stand out in middle school, as I was trying desperately to do. In the end, I came out roughly the same size as I went in and relatively unscathed. I didn't really blow up until college and shortly thereafter, but it all worked out in the end.

Lately, though,  I've had an urge to actually live up to the word "petite." I wonder if it's because I'm not really a delicate or shy kind of personality or if it's that I've always been somewhat large around, if not tall, that now I'm wondering what would it be like to be "petite." Would my personality change if I felt suddenly smaller? Am I really just projecting a need to be taken care of?

I hope not. I'm not sure that I'll ever really get (or stay) in the petite range, but I'm gonna try to get there and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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