Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Who Stole My Tailgate?" Not Me.

The other day Chef called me over to the computer to chuckle at a picture of the above that was posted on a pretty popular blog he reads. I saw it and shrugged my shoulders. 

"So, that car is parked at the Target near my office all the time. I think he works there."

It was then that I realized this car was Internet famous. So to prove that I actually meant what I said (not that Chef even remotely challenged my allegation), I took this pic today at the Target parking lot near my work. I don't know who stole his or her tailgate, but I suspect that whoever did has not yet returned it after about a year. It might be time for him or her to just buy another tailgate. Although I kinda like the board and spray paint version. Reminds me of Tennessee,

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