Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It's Working So Far

The Sticky Buddy- post use and rinse
I love infomercials. If my tribute to Billy Mays and my frequent comments on products isn't a testimony, then let this be one. I think it started in college when infomercials were relegated to late night fare. Now they're more commonplace, but back then was the first time they were in my regular viewing cycle. I was enamored. My roommates in college and I bought the PVA 10x mop that could clean up an entire can coke on a hard floor without wringing out the super-absorbent head just because we had seen the ad so many times. (It also boasted a "one-finger ringer" which was said repeatedly by a guy with an Australian accent so it sounded like "one finga-ringa" which I hear in my head every time I think of that mop).

Seriously, when I see an item in the store that I've seen the infomercial for, it's almost like spotting a celebrity. I want to see if the real version is as good in person as I imagine it in my head (sadly in both cases, they rarely are).

Anyway, I fell prey again to the pitch of the Schticky (in a comeback by Vince Offer). Except I ended up buying the Sticky Buddy, which turned out to be a better deal. I have a plethora of cats and with that comes an abundance of cat hair. This thing promised that we could pick up lint and cat hair, wash it off, and it would be sticky again.

After several uses, I can safely say, this one worked. The Schticky (and the travel version it came with as a bonus) have gotten just as sticky after the use and rinse than before. So, two thumbs up. It only has to last a few months to be a better investment than a regular lint roller, so here's hoping.

What infomercial product have you fallen victim to? How did it turn out?

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