Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Cut My Own Bangs

This is a literal title of the blog and my life. I was sick of having an extra inch of fringe hanging in front of my eyes. I couldn't stand it, so I did something about it. I watched a Youtube tutorial, read a few beauty mag posts and then went snip, snip. And you know what? It didn't turn out so bad. They look fine and even, and best of all they're out of my eyes so I can see.

The problem is that my stylist has quit styling hair. Even bigger problem: she was a fucking hair magician with the color. She's the only one whose ever colored my hair red. And now while I'm wishing her luck as a paralegal, I'm dragging my heels in finding someone else to make magic on my head. (read that as dirty as you want to)

The other problem is that I don't treat my hair so great. I wait until I can't stand it, which is about two weeks past it looking good, and then I call a stylist and have them fit me in. Now that I'm without stylist, this is a bit harder. Plus I got my aesthetician to give me the name of someone who knows all the stylists in this beauty professionals collection that I go to, but the guy won't return my calls. So I'm up shit creek without a dye job. It's sad.

Until then, at least I can see.

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