Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can We just Agree that Chris Brown is a Dirt Bag and Move On?

I know this picture isn't really Adele
yelling at Chris Brown, but I'll pretend
it is. 
There are many people who are famous and their fame baffles me. Here's a short version of a long list:

  • All of the Real Housewives--yes, ALL of them
  • Pamela Anderson
  • All Kardashians
  • Paris Hilton
  • Nearly all reality TV stars
And also on the list is Chris Brown. The difference between him and the above is that Chris Brown actually has some talent. But where does it say that a modicum of talent can propel you to be above the law, decency or the threshold of asshole-ness? No where.

Aside from the beating of Rhiana, which she has clearly gotten over, there are the multiple run-ins with others that end in fisticuffs (which is an old ass word that I love to throw in). Some are reported and more public because they happen with other celebrities (Frank Ocean) and others just get a line in Brown's long list of offenses. 

The absolute point of no return for me, which honestly shouldn't have surprised me but somehow did, was when his community service was called into question because some of the documentation was sketchy. So sketchy that the police chief involved resigned.  Really? You can't do the community service you were ALLOWED to do because you DEALED down from a more serious offense?!? 

Can we all just band together, declare him a dirt bag and then refuse to listen to, buy, or support his music? I wish this above world peace because I honestly believe this has a shot in hell of happening. 

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