Monday, February 04, 2013

The Lazy Must End Someday, Might As Well Be Today

This pretty much sums up my attitude lately.
I realized this morning that I've been very lazy lately. I probably realized it a while back, but was completely unmotivated to do anything about it. Which really perpetuated my laziness.

Luckily, I'm not work lazy. When I'm there, I get shit done. But because I am productive at work, I use that as an excuse to be unproductive everywhere else. So I get home, run a few flights of stairs to meet my fitbit goal and then try to figure out what is the absolute least I can do to eat dinner. Oddly enough that has not meant fast food (that would require getting my car and leaving my apartment, both of which I'm too lazy to do) or cereal. Typically it means leftovers. Which is kind of a contradiction because leftovers imply that I was at one time in the not so distant past NOT too lazy to cook.

Another sign of my laziness, is my hitting of the snooze button. I never really do it. I don't typically believe that an extra 30 minutes or so of fitful sleep will make me any better off, but again, I've been too lazy to get up on the first try.

But today I decided to get off my lazy ass and start being productive outside of my day job. I did not, however, decide that until after I had hit the snooze button this morning. But nonetheless, the thought counts. I got home and did not watch a minute of TV until 8:30 when I sat down to dinner. Instead I not only ran my allotted stairs, but also did a toning routine. Then I made dinner, prepped lunch tomorrow, and roasted kale. As a side note on the kale, whoever says it tastes like chips clearly has never eaten chips.  I mean, it will do in a pinch for a quick hit of veggie vitamins, but roasted kale is not giving Lay's a run for its money.

In between all the kitchen maneuvers, I also did three loads of laundry, wrote on my book and am typing out this blog post. I plan on not hitting the snooze button ONCE tomorrow. And hopefully propelling this momentum for another day.

Except tomorrow instead of laundry, it's gonna be writing time. Today clean clothes, tomorrow clean soul.

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