Sunday, March 06, 2011

Korean Pizza. Yes, you read that right.

Chef and I have been on a quest to find decent delivery pizza in LA. I say quest because we have literally tried about 8-10 different non-chain places since we've been here and have yet to find a real winner. At least when it comes to delivery pizza. There's a great place we love, but you have to eat at the Farmer's Market to get it.

So tonight in our quest, we decided to try something different. Pizza from Koreatown. The place, again, had great recommendations on yelp. It's called Mr. Pizza, which honestly just had me thinking of the Mr. Plow song from Homer's snow plow business on "The Simpsons." And I liked that they had some really unusual pizzas. Some seafood combinations, some potato pizzas and even a concoction that they put whipped sweet potato in the crust and bake with cheddar cheese.

We tried our safety pie, the pepperoni pizza. I mean, if you can't do a proper pepperoni, then you shouldn't be making pizza at all. I also had an order of their "Gold sticks." These are basically cheesesticks with cheddar on top and the whipped sweet potato filling.

It was the best delivery pizza we've had in LA, but still only a B+. The good thing is that Chef actually went back for seconds and we even kept the leftovers. The other pizza we've been throwing out. I liked the Gold Sticks, but I love sweet potato. There was enough in there to have a nice sweet and savory mix, but not enough to have the filling oozing out with each bite.

So thumbs up for Korean pizza. However, even the best Korean pizza can't hold a candle to the fast Mexican place we are now addicted too. It's called Poquito Mas and the pork there is divine. Seriously, we tried it last weekend and went back this weekend because of its awesomeness. Also, I made a mid-week stop there too. And the best part is it costs less in calories and dollars than McDonald's. Oh, Poquito Mas. We do adore you.

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