Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cookies by the Pound

I'm in Philadelphia this week for my first new work-related conference. My company is a vendor and therefor I get to attend and hang out. Granted I'm hanging out with librarians, but I'm learning a lot. I guess that's too be expected, as well.

This is my first time in Philly and I got hoodwinked almost as soon as I got off the plane. I had a driver take me to his cab. On the way there, I clearly asked if he accepted credit cards (I knew I didn't have enough cash for the entire trip). He said yes and then when I got to my destination said that he didn't have a credit card machine in his car and demanded that I pay cash. I told him that I'd pay him the $20 I had on me, but not the full fare (which was nearly double that). It then lead to a match of wills. He wanted to drive me to an ATM to get more cash. I refused. And because he didn't have a working meter in his car, I told him he could take the cash I was offering or we could see a cop who would side with me on account of his broken meter.

Long story short, I got a cheaper cab ride and told the driver that he knew it was card or nothing before I got into the cab.

That was fine, but then today it was like the cab gods were against me for messing with one of their own because I had to walk a mile back to my hotel in the snowy/rain mix. So by the time I got back to my hotel, I was cold, wet and ready for some dinner.

The best part of Philly so far is that I found a place that sells cookies by the pound. Yup, they weigh the cookies you choose and then you pay by weight. It's a whole lot of deliciousness. I had a big ole chocolate chip in my purse that made my evening worth the walk. I can understand why Philly's one of the fattest cities around. Mmm. And why they're so angry. Not enough cookies. MMMM.

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