Monday, August 13, 2012

You Otter Know

One of the otters. Pic from Chef.
Chef and I totally geeked out at the Aquarium of the Pacific this weekend and it was GLORIOUS. I was totally psyched before I got there to see the penguins, but turns out penguins were the lamest. We got to touch sea stars, sea urchins, moon jelly fish, sting rays, baby sharks, and bat rays. I had never touched (or at least as an adult for sure) those animals. The bat rays were the awesomest because they were so playful. They would come right up to us on and nudge their little noses towards our hands. Of course, we now want one as a pet. I think it would totally not freak the cats out at all.

In the end, it was cute, playful, darty sea otters that melted the polar ice cap of my heart so fast that Al Gore didn't have time to make documentary about it. And my awesome husband bought his 30-something year old wife a stuffed otter to commemorate the trip. Genghis has already beaten up Otter a little, but he's none the worse for wear. We plan on going back soon. It was great!!

Here are some highlights:

This was a tiny "comb jelly fish" that is "bioluminescent" and I never would've seen it without Chef calling me over to the tiny little exhibit. These things were about the size of a dime. And totally awesome. 

Chef leans in to pet the sting ray. That thing was HUGE.

One of my Otters cheesing for the camera.

There were three high school kids that screamed "Look it's Dory and Nemo together!!" about 10 times. It made me sad for the future.

Chef feeding a Lorakeet. Which was also awesome.

Because I'm sadistic, I felt the need to eat some seafood after our day at the aquarium. This was a bowl of delicious coconut snails.  Awesome!

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