Monday, August 20, 2012

Can you define the word "forced" for me?

I always thought that when you were made to do something against your will or did not give consent that that was being forced, but I guess I'm wrong. I guess it's only "legitimate" if you have a knife stuck to your throat.

Yes, I'm talking about Todd Akin, Missouri State Senate GOP nominee, and his asinine comments about a woman being able to "shut the whole thing down" in cases where pregnancy occurs in "legitimate rape."  I guess "illegitimate rape" results in illegitimate kids, right? Is that how this works?

Seriously, I know people have strong opinions about abortion--and I do too--but rape is never a good thing. And to say that one rape is more legitimate than another is like saying it's better to have one kind of cancer over another. There's no "winning." There's never a good outcome.

Can we just agree on that? I also agree on giving someone slack when they make a mistake. But this guy didn't make a mistake. He didn't say "legitimate" instead of "forcibly." He said "legitimate" and then went on to make his comment seem legitimate by dragging some "doctor:" who told him this absolutely stupid fact. I wonder if that doctor told him that on a bet. Like "Let's see what we can get Todd Akin to believe" and now he's having a good laugh.

But if we elect people who actually believe this stuff, who's the joke really on? Shudder.

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