Monday, August 27, 2012

I Should Be Ashamed, But I'm Not

One of the few things I did this weekend. Make (and eat
some of) this Light Butterfinger Cake. Delish!
I had my fourth weigh-in on Friday during my Weight Watchers foray, and it was disappointing. Less than a pound. 0.8. I did the math in my head three times before I accepted it. I had done everything right that week. I had watched my "points" like a hawk. I was about to get super bummed when there was  voice in my head. It was Chef's.

"A loss is still a loss. Besides, we're changing our lives, not just the scale," the voice said.

He didn't say it at exactly that moment because he was still in bed at the time, but he had said it before, so I had that in my back pocket. I did better as I got to work, but still a little miffed so I checked out the Weight Watchers site to see if there were any more pointers. One said something about concentrating on the long term (which echoed Chef's words) so I did the math. 

If I were to have a week like last week, where I ate predominately well but still lived my life and enjoyed a few treats,every week for a year then I would weigh 41 pounds less than I do now. Which actually would put me WAY under my lowest weight ever as an adult and probably around where I should be to be well within the healthy BMI. So I got over the weigh in (clearly I'm sharing here, but I haven't been obsessing as I might've), and had a great weekend.

So why should I be ashamed? Because I did absolutely nothing over the weekend.

Let me rephrase that. I clearly did some things. In fact, I did things that I really wanted to do. But leaving the house wasn't one of them. I actually left the apartment ONCE from Friday night until I left for work this morning. Chef did the grocery shopping on Friday night, and ran out when we had any "urgent" items we needed.  But for the most part, I did this:
  • Did not put on make up all weekend, and mostly pajama-type clothes
  • Leisurely read the two huge Fall fashion mags that I had been stockpiling
  • Took baths and read the novel I just started
  • Watched the "Weight of the Nation" documentary series (not all of it)
  • Watched various detective movies, most but not all featuring Al Pacino
  • Ate copious amounts of french fries and beef (on my cheat day)
  • Played with cats
  • Downloaded an iPhone app called "cloth" that allows you to store and sort pictures of your outfits (as well as weather conditions)-- I'm hoping this will eventually help cut down on the amount of time that I spend picking out clothes in the morning
  • Pinning about 100 new weight watchers or skinny recipes on Pinterest for future use
  • Repainting my toes and fingers
  • Having a wonderfully lazy weekend with my husband
  • Made a "light" Butterfinger cake from this Pinterest recipe that was actually damn good
It was glorious and this morning I feel great! So I'm not ashamed that I did exactly what I wanted to do this weekend. Which was nothing much. 


Steph said...

Does running from a shooter count as a workout? Saw your post yesterday! Crazy!

Hoosier Chick said...

I think it should count. Totally bananas.


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