Friday, August 03, 2012

Olympics Crazy or Just Crazy?

I like the rest of the world (or the rest of the world with a TV and a slight interest in sports, patriotism or both) have been hooked on the Olympics. But the tape delay is killing me. And you can't get on Facebook, Google or anything without having the results spoiled. Hell, I couldn't even open my US Weekly app looking for the latest on Robert Pattinson's broken heart without spoiling the women's all-around results.

Pre-Olympics my friend Greg mentioned that he had heard the opening ceremony included Mary Poppins beating Voldemort in a battle. I laughed and asked him if he had heard this from a crack head because the British wouldn't possibly be interested in that.

I was wrong.

Now that gymnastics (at least the really riveting stuff) is over and swimming is winding down, what is there left to watch? Do you notice how everyone suddenly because an expert in odd sports they'd never bother with otherwise? My husband's random water polo trivia enthralled my co-workers at lunch. mostly because we couldn't believe how large some of the US players were and how vicious that sport is. There were boobs just popping out from the scrambles.

What's been your favorite thing from this Olympics? I probably should say something meaningful like Phelps's new all-time Olympic medal record or the first African-American all-around champion in gymnastics. But I'm instead going to say it is thus far a tie between watching one woman stomach punch another under the water at water polo and any hot male swimmer.

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