Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Indulging in my own delusions

My blogging experience is beginning through a friend from my writer's group that innocently asked: Do you blog? That alone would not normally be enough to sway me to do something. The mere asking if I participated in something. That's like saying: Do you participate in the occult? And then suddenly have the urge to pick up some chanting candles and wiccan paraphrenalia.

However, this person did the unimaginable in encouragement and followed up the "Do you blog?" with "You're so funny. You really should do it." That was enough to get me to start this. Some women like to hear how beautiful they are and are charmed. For me, it's the funny factor. I like to be funny. Almost in the dire way that comedians describe the need for approval. Less so since entering the "corporate world." Funny doesn't really help matters on most occasions.

So, I bust out the title --or actually a form of the title that fit in the allotted character space-- of what will someday become my autobiography: Flashes of Brilliance Amidst Long Stretches of Mediocrity. I think my flashes have become fewer and farther between since leaving any kind of academic world, but they happen nonetheless.

More likely than not, I'll use this blog to voice some opinions, work some phrases out in my head and just generally kick start my brain to work on writing. My graduation from the last program to keep my writing on track has forced me to think about other tricks and ways to stay involved and spending a couple of minutes rattling on when I'm supposed to be devising marketing plans to keep people from smoking, drinking, or eating and to start exercising. At least we don't have to prevent people from having sex. That's some other non-profit's job.

Read or not. This is my spot to write, so I'm gonna.


Terry Price said...

Hey Ashley! Am I first? Totally cool. I now have a site as well, although I'm like the proverbial dog who catches the car and doesn't know what to do with it! Have fun. Congrats on the new blogging adventure. Keep in touch and Keep on a Bloggin' hugs, Terry

Precious Schultz said...

I would say that one of your greatest flashes was Life Cycle of the Dragonfly: From Pupa to Puberty


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