Sunday, January 30, 2005

To bitch or not to bitch

Why is it that women always seem to bitch about the ones they love most? Not their family or other girlfriends as much as their lovers, boyfriends or husbands. To our co-workers, our friends and even the occasional person on the street, we bitch.

It doesn't start out that way. We start a relationship and endlessly praise every little thing that's done right. The small things we don't like get overlooked until that magic comfort level is hit and we begin to bitch. When is that magic bitching point? When the first fart slips out?

We bitch about the little things, the big things and the strange things no one else understands. Do we need to reason our argument out loud to make it valid? Do we feel if we can defend ourselves to another, then we can surely defend our argument to our significant others?

Unfortunately, the bitching has a side effect of making our loved ones seem so much worse on paper than they are in person. We don't stop to praise the little things to our friends that happen every day. In fact, my friend's husband even says to her after he's done something that merits her voice being raised "Oh God. Your friends are going to hear about this one now." Should fear really motivate us to behave unlike ourselves?

I'm making a conscientious effort to bitch less this year. Except about work and the people that piss me off there, because unlike my friends and others in my life, I didn't choose to get to know them. I just have to put up with it. And occasionally piss them off in return to even things out.


Swampy said...

When a bitch starts bitchin', it's time to smack a bitch.
Swampy out.

Precious Schultz said...

Who the hell is Swampy? And why doesn't Swampy know that you are not supposed to smack a bitch, but only shake the shit out of her. That is, unless Swampy prefers syrup.

Swampette said...

I certainly don't know anyone who would go by "Swampy Pendergrass," or anyone who would go to the trouble to make up a whole blog called "Chimps of Destiny" in order to make one comment here. And I definitely would never live with that person, or let him point his fun at me.

Poor Ashley. I don't know if you wanted your blog to be PG rated, but if you did, you notified the wrong people about it.

Ashley said...

A PG-rated blog would be boring, so I'm challenging you to find something to make at least R-rated every day. Swampy Pendergrass had better start putting entries in Chimps of Destiny, because we all know how much I love monkeys or primates of any kind.
Swampy can only point his fun at me if he's really hot. Especially in a baseball hat.

Precious Schultz said...

From what I have heard about swampy's fun-pointer, it would take a crane to help him point it.

Bloggersdad said...

Oh man you cannot believe how much I want to respond to this one, but...............let's see where would a husband to three wives start ??? Especially one who NEVER EVER gave any of them even one reason to bitch. Then again I am not sure I could take the heat of the responses. And besides it is soooooooo unbecoming to see Ashley's face go from pink to red to purple! Oh well I wonder where the little wifey is looks like it might be time for me to point my fun again! If only she would stop bitching!

Ashley said...

Crap on a cracker. The fun line turned me a nice shade of pink but also hurt my face muscles from laughing too much. It's a good trade off.


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