Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Obviously Redundant

Why is it that there is always at least one person that holds things up? One person that is so obviously redundant and clueless in nearly every endeavor. Take for instance the one person on a conference call that continually asks questions that were already covered. Or the person in a national meeting that starts off a "pseudoask," or faux question, with "In my market...." and ends up talking about themselves for five minutes before wrapping up with a question so specific that it applies to no one else.

I know things will only get worse as I get older. There will be the parent that brags about their child on Parent-Teacher night and then asks if their child can win a Nobel prize for the ashtray they created. Then there will be me, in the corner, loudly saying "Your kid made an ashtray? Don't they know anything about the hazards of smoking? What kind of parent are you?"

If you can't pick out this person on the next call, in the next meeting, or in the next classroom-like setting you're in, it could be you. Don't be that person.

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