Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speedo, You Let Me Down

Perhaps I didn't read closely enough, because I bought a Speedo swim cap yesterday to protect my faux red hair from the harsh realities of chlorine and it did not help.

Chef mentioned that swimming was a great workout and that since I had some hip issues, we have access to a pool and I'm looking for new ways to workout, it might be a good idea to swim some laps. He had good points on all of that, but my one counter was my hair. I pay good money to keep it as red as possible for as long as possible, so protection for my investment was going to be needed. Hence, the Speedo swim cap.

I put the darn thing on. It smooshed my head. My hair was back in a low knot, pressing against the nape of my neck. I looked like a giant blue condom tip. I was ready to go.

After about 10 minutes of slicing through the water with my arms as the blades (okay, so it was MUCH less graceful than that, but still. . .), I knew that my hair was already soaked.

The swimming was nice, though. Chef came down to get a workout too and keep me company. He also served to motivate me. Typically his presence alone gets me to up the workout ante, so to speak. Amazing how much harder you work when you're trying to impress someone you love. It's the "Hey, Mom! look at me!" syndrome as adults.

I have a feeling that I'll end up swimming some more in the near future, so if anyone has a suggestion for a better swim cap that will actually keep my hair dry, let me know!

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