Monday, June 06, 2011

Wait, I didn't declare that 5 lbs to customs. . . Take it back

I brought back a souvenir from my time in Canada: a fat ass. Well, fatter any way. The access to lobster and being stuck in a place where eating really is the only true past time were enough to add five pounds to my frame. FIVE POUNDS! How is that even possible in 10 days time??

I kept my calorie count even on the bad days. And on the really really really bad days, I STILL kept my log going. Without access to the AT&T network (because I was not about to pay the outrageous international rates just to sync my calorie counting app), it was challenging and humiliating to admit my daily defeat, but I did.

And this happened even though I worked out nearly every day I was gone. Oh well. I did it to myself. I just wondered why I couldn't check my extra ass in at customs and make them to my 5 pounds of flesh.

However, once I crossed into US territory, I didn't get much better. Chef turned 30 on Friday and with that came dinner at the swankiest place I have been to thus far. It's called CUT and is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. And did I mention it's delicious? We had bone marrow flan, which was just fancy way of saying bone marrow. I had never had bone marrow before and let me tell you, it's worth getting. It's f&c#ing delicious. Like concentrated meat jelly. Like the flavor and soul of the cow were secretly hiding not in the flesh, but in the bones. It may sound gross, but if you like meat, it is not gross at all.

Since I'm confessing to that, I should also confess to the other dishes that may have contributed to my five pounds in the last 10 days (i didn't eat THEM ALL, but had my share for sure):
  • Aforementioned bone marrow flan
  • Seafood risotto with half a lobster tail
  • Gorgonzola topped filet
  • two servings of sticky toffee pudding
  • loaded potato skins
  • pretzel bites
  • Lobster dinner with drawn butter
  • Banana bread pudding
  • Double bacon cheeseburger
  • Taco Bell chicken quesadilla
  • Taco Bell cheesy fiesta potatoes
  • Meyer Lemon pound cake with Earl Grey ice cream
  • The crispiest french fries I've ever had in my life
  • Seafood salad
  • Kobe filet mignon
Okay, there may be five pounds in there after all. Crap. Well, it was back on the treadmill and back to my normal food this morning. Looks like it will be double work outs for me this week . . .


Precious said...

It's not even 7am yet, and your post is making me hungry. Lemon cake with earl grey ice cream?! sounds like heaven

Hoosier Chick said...

That was from Chef's birthday dinner at CUT. It was delicious. Phenomenal. Sadly, the steak was the least phenomenal part and it was still delicious.


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