Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Make Time Because They Make Me Happy

Going along with the falling back in love with books theme, I also did a little personal inventory of things that I am making time for because they make me happy. Or maybe the actions themselves don't make me happy but the end results do. So here are my weekly goals that I hope to keep track of things that make me happy (Yes, I realize it's a little sad that I have to have goals to do things that I enjoy, but I'm a goal-oriented person):
  • I will chat with Chef every day. Pretty easy most days. Not so easy when I'm travelling.
  • I will read 100 pages of fiction each week.
  • I will write something creative (fiction, non-fiction, blog) each day.
  • I will write at least 5 pages each week of something for my fiction or non-fiction pieces.
  • I will record my calories-honestly-each day.
  • I will try to be honest with my self, even when it's hard.
  • I will do some form of exercising each day even if it's just walking (more than normal, of course).
  • In my off hours, I will try and let go of having a "schedule" in my head and just enjoy the moments.
  • I will email a friend or family member each week just to see how they are.
I've had these in my head for a while and will post how I did on Saturday. There are some other ones, but those are private. I know I've met some of the goals already. Others. . . well, I still have two days.

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