Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reasons Why I Don't Want Peyton Manning to End Up At Tennessee

My friend and Nashville resident,
Patty Clements, sent me this
screenshot from the media coverage
of the Pope, I mean, Peyton's visit.
My Nashville friends will probably not like this. Most have been letting me know Peyton's whereabouts in town while he's been there. Frankly, I'm a little surprised he got a direct flight from Indy to Nashville because I never could (Yes, I know he probably has a private plane. I'm kidding). Here are my selfish reasons why I don't want Peyton to end up with the Titans.
  1. He'd have to play the Colts twice a year. And while that may only be four games, it would be four very painful games for my psyche.
  2. I couldn't imagine cheering for the Titans when they aren't playing the Steelers or Ravens. Those were the only two games I cheered for them on. Unless the Colts needed them to beat the Jags or Texans for a division purposes.
  3. I don't live in Nashville anymore. How can he move to town when I've moved out??
  4. If he signs with Denver, he will have to play in San Diego at least once and Oakland at least once, which exponentially improves my chances of seeing him play.
  5. It would kill me to not work with the Titans any more (who were fabulous) when I would have had the chance to meet Peyton. The highlight of my time working with the Titans was meeting David Thornton, because he was a former Colt.
So, since Peyton reads my blog, as I know he probably checks in daily (why wouldn't he?), here's my plea to him: Please pick the Broncos. Sorry, Nashville friends!


Mandy said...

I am still completely baffled at the turn around of events!! I am SO EXCITED!!! And, um, nope. No way a star FL qb and a star TN qb need to be on teh same team. Blech.

Hoosier Chick said...

Yeah, but then Tebow can go back to Florida and be the Jags QB.


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