Thursday, June 07, 2012

I Like the Spice

Golden Chicken with spicy refried beans
Last night Chef opted to forgo my dinner. I don't blame him. Not my most stellar dinner. Mostly because I overcooked the chicken (it was a little dry) and he's not a jalapeno fan, so that knocked the spicy refried beans from his plate too. But we have a pact. he supports my efforts and if he doesn't want what I'm making, he can take care of himself. This helps take some of the pressure off of me. If I royally fuck up dinner, at least he won't starve.

Last night I had "Golden chicken with spicy refried beans". I added the salad greens because it needed some more green.  I would probably make this again, if only to work on how I cook chicken. To be honest, up until a few years ago, I couldn't even cut raw chicken. I used to gag and nearly vomit doing it in college. I always pictured myself cutting up human flesh. I realize this is irrational, but I kind of take pride in the fact that I can literally say that I don't have the stomach to become a serial killer. And can you really say that LITERALLY?

Anyway, I am proud that getting back in the kitchen has gotten me to eat things that I normally would've bypassed. For example, last night was my first time trying Cannellini beans. They were delicious. I also had Kale for the first time last week. Also delicious when roasted. I intend to keep trying more things and am open to sharing. Unless you start leaving "You never had Kale before?!?!" comments. I was not a very adventurous or healthy eater, people. This shouldn't shock you.

Can't wait to try tonight's black bean nacho pizza. Hope your dinner is delicious too!

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