Friday, June 29, 2012

I Promise I'm Still Alive

It's been an intermittent month, but mostly because I've been busy. With changes to my life and business travel mixing, it means my fun time has taken a hit. But in the mean time, here's a short blog post to catch you up. What have I been doing? Here's a hint:

I was working our new booth for my company. That's my team beside me (I'm in the striped jacket). For more than a year, we've been working with our staff, booth companies and vendors to make this happen. It was a great moment of pride for us. Not too shabby and under budget. We promptly spent 5 days in the booth working and meeting with customers. But it was still a good time in Anaheim.

The convention was the American Library Association. It's not only academic publishers, but also commercial publishers pimping new books. And because I'm always a fan of books and had just read the last of my free books from the ALA in January, I took a few trips around the convention floor to get some new titles. Another plus of it being a local convention is that I didn't have to worry about luggage space for my books so I grabbed them up. I ended up with 13 new (free) galleys to read and review.

I am now on my 13th straight day of work (another reason --or excuse--for my lack of blogging). But tomorrow I'm off all day! What should I do? (besides read, of course).

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