Monday, June 04, 2012

Last Week's Meals

Herb Rubbed Roast with Root Vegetables
Chef had a birthday yesterday, which meant that I wasn't super healthy over the weekend. We were celebrating, and I took advantage. I tried to keep my choices beyond the outrageous line, but I'm sure I crossed it.

However, before his birthday, I was doing pretty well cooking. I made this herb rubbed roast and was planning on just doing some roasted cauliflower instead of the root veggies, but Chef asked that I try some parsnips, so I did the whole root veggie thing.

I like parsnips; I like sweet potatoes. I like roast. But there was something not quite working with this combination. Chef is a beef purist so the rub idea on a roast was not his favorite. Overall, I'm glad I tried it, but not a huge fan.

Tonight's dinner is a simple baked sweet potato with black bean chili. I made some cauliflower gratin for Chef's birthday which I think I'll warm up to have. I'm trying the whole Meatless Monday for a change. Any good meatless recipes that I should try? I'm keeping the recipes that I do and ones that I want to try on my pinterest board. Check it out here and feel free to keep the suggestions coming!

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