Thursday, January 03, 2013

My Bra is Killing Me and I'm Crabby

I feel like a giant blob today. My pants were designed to keep flab in with this lycra shell, but today that lycra is not my friend. It is indeed keeping my flab nice and flat in my pants, but it can't make it disappear. So the flab is then pushed up towards my boobs.

And my bra was quite obviously designed by a masochist. I know, I know. All bras were designed by masochists, but this one is trying to saw me in two. It's tight as hell and now not only battling the large amount of breast matter that I have on my chest, but also the fat that the lycra pants are pushing up. Essentially I'm just a big ball of tightened lumps and red marks.

I realize both of these issues could be just physical and psychological manifestations of my weight perception,  but I don't want to think that hard.

Which doesn't really do a lot for my mood. Today I'm quite crabby for no real reason (other than the aforementioned fashion faux pas). I feel like a blob, I'm not wearing any of my favorite clothes and people are either annoying me or ignoring me. I'm throwing a pity party. It's a party of one.

And I did something today that I don't typically do which is reply to someone's asinine political post. They had a picture posted of some gas station owner's sign where they had gas prices in the $1.80 range and underneath it read "Just kidding! Those were the gas prices when Obama was elected."

That just pissed me off. First of all, unless you're Fox News when a democrat is in office, you should realize that the president doesn't control gas prices. Gas prices contribute to what a president can do or at least the perception of what can be done.

Secondly, the highest average US gas price that we've recorded was at $4.12/ gallon in the summer of 2008--six months BEFORE President Obama took office.

I would ask people to think for themselves before they post or repost something on the Internet, but then it would obliterate Snopes and I love that website.

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