Monday, January 14, 2013

My Take on the Golden Globes

Here's the first shocker: I  thought Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were fabulous. Not so shocked? Yeah, that was pretty predictable of me. I would watch the two of them do nearly anything together. But I will complain that they weren't on stage together nearly enough and you can tell that some of their gags were stifled by the powers that be. However, they were funny and better than most of the lame hosts they get to do these things.

Awards shows are generally a real loser when it comes to hosting. The show itself is long, boring and by the end of the night the room is filled more with disappointment than with joy. Plus there are so many people in the room that "control" what happens in entertainment that the hosts are never allowed to go all out and be the entertainers that made them desirable to host the show in the first place. It's a lose-lose situation.

But unlike most of the shows, I actually watched this one start to finish. And by "start to finish," I mean that I DVRed it and then fast-forwarded through most of the acceptance speeches. I even whizzed through Jodie Foster's speech and deleted the show before I saw all the buzz that it was getting on twitter. But because I live in LA, the Golden Globes are shown twice. The first time live and then immediately after to run in prime time. I flipped back over and BAM! Jodie Foster was getting her award.

The whole thing was a little awkward and stream of conscious. If she had been any of the other recipients, that would make sense, but she knew she was receiving this award. Then she "came out" as a lesbian, (but she had unofficially come out before so this was not AS shocking?) and then she retired, but in interviews after immediately said she was still going to act and direct and produce. I think Jodie Foster is brilliant. But being brilliant doesn't make someone a great communicator. I've read a few essays she's written (including the infamous one defending Kristen Stewart) and they've all been like her speech was last night-- a little all over the place. The raw materials was good, but the construction was kind of a mess. Also, I realize she's not a reality show as she's infamously private, but when was the last time you saw a news story on Jodie Foster? She's done a good job at being out of the spotlight, so either others should take note or she should give some classes.

Anyway, the show last night was pretty good. Glad that Argo was recognized as it was my favorite movie last year. I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. Anne Hathaway still needs some weight and hair because all I saw of her onstage was bones, lips and teeth. I thought Lena Dunham's dress was great for her body and the occasion, but rarely does Zac Posen go wrong. Of course, it probably helped that he used to BABYSIT Lena Dunham, so he was probably well familiar with her proportions. I wish more women would wear some color instead of all the nude and pastel dresses.

And I hope Tina and Amy come back again for next year. Or that NBC just gives them an hour to do whatever they want with. I'd be up for either.

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