Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sock Bun: This Week's Pinspiration

Squint and you can see the
back in the reflection.
So I made a pledge to try something new each week from Pinterest, but seeing as how I don't really do resolutions it started a few weeks back. I said that I'd share the stuff that worked or even failed miserably if it was interesting.

I actually already shared pics of this on Facebook, but since I wore this today, I can now show an accurate picture of the sock bun after several hours of wear. I will note that it is quite odd to be sporting a thick ass boot sock that is actually gray and white flecked in my hair, but honestly no one sees it, so whatever.

Full Frontal Sock Bun
I am hair challenged. I never learned the french braid and only ever wear my hair down or in a pony tail. Mostly i think because I was traumatized as a teenager. I wore my hair in a side pony for softball practice one day and they made so much fun of me that I have yet to rock a side pony again. Seeing as the side pony is now a completely acceptable hairstyle, I prefer to think that I was just way ahead of my time.

That being written here is a link to the sock bun tutorial. If I can do it, you can too. After reading this, it made me want to try other hairstyles from Pinterest. I pinned a few to give a whirl and will let you know if they actually work. However, one thing that I gleaned from Pinterest is that some girls just spend way too much time on their hair every day. I mean, I only did the sock bun because it take about 2 minutes to do. How do these people have 30-40 minutes JUST to do their hair everyday?

UPDATE: bonus to the sock bun is that if you are prone to bumping your head, as I am, it gives you a good cushion. Already saved my noggin tonight from a sure concussion.

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