Friday, January 04, 2013

Touching Survivor Story Told Differently

I saw an article on another site about this ad from Arnold Palmer Hospital and had to give it a look. It's one of the best hospital pieces that I've seen done for a few reasons:

  1. It's very emotionally compelling. I was choking back tears at work, but mostly because I loathe crying at work for any reason. 
  2. The doctor appears SANS lab coat and tells his personal experience with Chloe and her father. He doesn't present her like a case study. He appears human.
  3. So many hospital ads feature the patients. While this ad does have Chloe's story in it and does include shots of her parents, the only voice you hear is the doctor's. 
  4. It's simple and it's short. Too many online videos try to viral but fail because they're too damn long. The average person will watch videos without clicking off that are about 3 minutes long MAX. 
Having worked on medical patient stories for a good part of my career, this one hit home and not only touched me, but made me want to replicate it. But here's something that every PR/ Marketing/ Advertising person struggles with: how do you find these stories? So many times, they go untold simply because they don't float around to the right people. But when they do. . .Magic. I say this because everyone has a job that they hear interesting things at. When you hear them, do me a favor and tell someone in your communications or PR/marketing department.

What do you think? Is this video a touching success or just like everything else?

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