Thursday, June 13, 2013

When Bunny Slippers Don't Provide Enough Street Cred

If you are a fan of the bunny slipper, but think to yourself "Man, what these shoes really need are some street cred," then I have the perfect shoe for you!

These lovely camouflage-colored sneakers are high tops and come with a lovely teddy bear design that says "I'm soft enough to love stuffed animals, but I want to hide it by camouflaging my love".  The shoe itself is made from a lovely and what I'm sure is highly durable fleece with rubber soles for those moments when you need traction to get away from the scores of people that will surely chase you to get to these beauties. To help add to the street cred, the bear is wearing a flipped up backwards tan colored hat--think Spike Lee in those Nike commercials with Michael Jordan.

Alas, the teddy bear camouflage sneakers are made by Adidas and are currently ON SALE--can you believe it?

I'd have gotten a pair myself except that they were only available in men's sizes, and were marked down to $99.99.

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